Guide to artist blogs and presentations

Artist Blogs
Each artist post will consist of a paragraph about the artist’s work and a paragraph detailing your reaction to their art as well as at least three images and/or videos of their work.Blog posts that do not meet these basic requirements will not receive full credit. Please site your sources (including links if applicable).

All of these artists are incredibly prolific, some with careers that have spanned decades. Before you write, spend some time looking at their work. Find the pieces that resonate with you or spark a sense of curiosity, confusion, excitement, wonder or even anger. Chart their progression as an artist. Draw connections. Talk about their influences or who they have influenced. The research is in looking at the art and then drawing your own conclusions. This is not a biographical report and I do not expect you to cover everything they have ever made and done. This is also not a critique so there is no reason to ask yourself if the art is good. I already checked. It’s good.

You must write 12 of 15 blog posts to receive full credit though I encourage you to check out the work of all of the weekly artists.

Artist Presentations
Everyone will be assigned one artist from the list of artist blog posts to turn in to a short presentation. Your presentation should be more in depth than a blog post, providing a comprehensive overview of the artist’s career, covering approximately 8-10 individual works of art, supported by visual aids. Many of these artists have worked across mediums but be sure to focus the majority of your attention on their digital work.

Each presenter will also prepare three discussion questions for the class and lead a short discussion about the artist and their art. These questions should directly reference their work and reflect reoccurring themes and patterns that you uncovered  during your research.