Color Correction (In Class Assignment)

  • Take three photographs (either your own, images found through a web search, or the sample photographs provided below) and give each of them a distinct color treatment using Adobe Lightroom.
  • Along with your new image upload the original too so I can see the changes you have made,.
  • In the comments under the submission leave a brief explanation of your creative process and decision making.

Image 1 – Correct the exposure, saturation and any other elements of the photograph to make the best possible image you can without losing the spirit of the original. Enhance the photo without making it look like it has been too manipulated.

Image 2 – Push the color grading past realism to make something bold or uncanny.  There should be no doubt when viewing this image that it has been manipulated.

Image 3 –  Your choice.

Due at the end of class.

Download Color Correction demo files.

Lightroom FAQ



Project 5: Multiple (Selfie) Portrait


Create a conceptual multiple self portrait (think Kelli Connell and Daisuke Takakura) that reveals different aspects of your personality by combining several pictures of yourself (taken specifically for this project) into a single image.

Your image should contain a minimum of three distinct versions of you. Think about how you can clearly distinguish between these different iterations of yourself in the space of a single image. What are you doing? What are you wearing? What is the expression on your face? What does your location communicate to the viewer? What about the things around you aka the mise en scène? Are your multiple selves interacting in any way?

Unlike previous assignments, the goal is to conceal your use of Photoshop through meticulous masking, even lighting, and careful placement of your selves.

Post your final image to your blog at a size around 800 pixels wide.

Use the best camera available to you.

Try to avoid using dorms/bedrooms as your location.

DUE October 22nd in class and posted to your blog

download demo files 1

download demo files 2

Step by Step Masking instructions PDF

Project 4: Surrealist Collage

Project 4: Surrealist Collage 

Use your knowledge of Photoshop tools, layers, and blending modes to transform/manipulate/remix  a set of appropriated images to create a surrealist collage.

Your final image should contain elements from at least 15 distinct images found through a Google image search. No personal photographs or scanned images are permitted for this assignment. Though your source material will be completely appropriated, be careful to not create a derivative image. Make it your own!

Create a high-res version suitable for printing at a resolution of 300 DPI and an image size of exactly 11×17 inches (3300×5100 pixels) and post a jpeg to your blog that is (825×1275 pixels).

Briefly explain your concept for this piece and your process for creating it.

Due October 3rd in class and posted to your blog.

Project 3: Album Cover

Using your newfound Adobe Photoshop skills you are going to create 3 album covers for a fictional musician(s).

1 – Go to 

Click “Random Article” on the left hand column 

The first (or second or third) article you get is your band name. 

2 – Go to “Random quotations”

Choose the last four or five words of the a quote of the page for the title of your album.

3 – Go to and explore the last seven days

Choose an image from the page and download it to your computer.

Combine your found image and text to create an album cover for your fictional band. Experiment with fonts, text size, kerning, and placement. Try to make it look as realistic as possible. 

Post your images to your blog by the start of class on September 24th. 

PS Tool Presentations


PS Tool Presentations Due September 17th

For your first presentation of the semester you will briefly explain the purpose of your assigned Photoshop tools and demonstrate their functionality. Show us how it works and provide examples of when this tool might be useful for making art.

Your presentation should include the following information.
1. A real time demonstration of what your tools do and how they work including a brief overview of any options, settings or modes.
2. The keyboard shortcut for your tool.
3. Speculate on how this tool might be useful for making art. This can include traditional and experimental applications. 

Download list of presenters and assigned tools.



Project 2: Logo


This project is an opportunity to further explore some of the basic tools and features of Adobe Illustrator. Use a combination of shapes, text, brushes, and textures to create a logo for your class blog.
Post a black and white and a color version of the image to your blog as .PNGs  with a brief description of your process.

Some inspiration:

Logo Archive Instagram

40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages, Starting With the Most Famous One

Logos: Learn What Separates the Great from the Good

Due September 12th posted to your  blog before class

Project 1: Creating Abstract Patterns

In this assignment you will explore the basic functionality of Adobe Illustrator by creating vector shapes and arranging them into non repeatable patterns. You can create patterns from similar elements or mix different types of shapes and colors together. Your shapes can be abstract forms or representational icons. The design is completely up to you.

Upload at least two distinct patterns to your blog as JPEGs or PNGs at a size of 1000×1000 pixels by the beginning of class on September 5th.


Some inspiration:

Design Trend: A Look at Memphis Style Then and Now


Welcome to Digi


For your first blog post introduce yourself to the class by choosing 3 examples (images, videos or gifs) of digital art that speak to your personal aesthetic.
Briefly describe why you chose them.
At least one of these examples should be a piece that you discovered through researching this blog post.

Post the link to your blog in the discussion section of Canvas by the start of class on Thursday.